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    Growth & Wellness seeks to improve upon traditional approaches to therapy while providing a superior experience. We have incorporated proven, evidence-based to ensure that you achieve your goals. We believe that individuals have different needs, so there is no universally applicable therapeutic technique, so we apply our trained, eclectic perspective to personalize your care. Check out some of our techniques below and contact us if you would like more information.

    Individual | Person-Centered Therapy | Virtual Appointments | Holistic Psychology | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Behavioral Therapy | Behavioral Neuroscience | Existential Therapy


    Individual therapy is vitally helpful for many people because it’s the most effective way to get truly customized therapy. This type of therapy typically happens in a one-on-one setting giving you better control over the pacing of your therapy, the methods your therapist will use, the timing of your sessions, and the amount of analysis or feedback you can receive. Individual therapy means that the focus is on you, the individual, including your goals, relationships, and growth. In order to meet your objectives, we can still schedule sessions with others using this method.

    Person-Centered Therapy

    This method is incorporated into all of the services we provide at Growth & Wellness. The core principles of this approach are to treat the individual with respect, dignity, and trust, with recognition that the individual is the expert of their experience and capable of attaining their goals. The therapist focuses on understanding the individual’s perspective, offering empathy and support without judgment.

    Virtual Appointments

    Virtual appointments allow us to provide services to you via live video conferencing. Virtual appointments promote flexibility and convenience as we are able to use technology to come to you. Virtual appointments reduce scheduling barriers for many clients as we can meet right before or after other obligations without requiring any commute time. At Growth & Wellness, we conduct this service through a secure and confidential video feature built into our Client Portal.

    Holistic Psychology

    We know that we cannot fully separate individual parts from the whole. This holistic approach to treatment puts emphasis on the connection between our bodies, minds, and spirits to create balance. This approach can be combined with other approaches to allow us to focus on specific areas and provides context and perspective by integrating the whole of our components. This cohesive approach provides direction to establish personal meaning and identify values leading to a fulfilling life.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a problem-focused form of behavioral treatment that focuses on how cognition impacts actions through understanding beliefs and thought processes. CBT promotes awareness about how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all related, and provides techniques to help change patterns we are dissatisfied with. This method helps you to identify the distorted thinking patterns behind undesired behaviors so that you can break free of them and get better results.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Behavioral therapy focuses on observable behaviors and patterns, identifying and changing unhelpful patterns. This method takes a stance that behavior is learned, and that our behavior patterns were developed to serve a purpose or meet a need. Behavioral therapy is commonly applied to better understand what has shaped our actions. Using this method, we seek to understand how your past actions were useful, which promotes self-understanding and compassion. Using this empowerment, we can help you identify replacement behaviors that align with your current goals, values, and needs.

    Behavioral Neuroscience

    This method examines how the physical body impacts emotional experiences and behavior, unlocking a deeper understanding of the impact of the body’s physiological processes and connections on ourselves. Using behavioral neuroscience, we aim to help you understand your body’s mechanisms including brain structure, nervous system, and neurochemistry.  We use this information to help you tune into the signals from your body to better meet your needs.

    Existential Therapy

    Existential therapy focuses on the development of your self-identity to help reach your full potential. We help you establish your identity by nurturing a connection with your values and relationships. Through this method, we emphasize finding your strengths and capabilities and help grow self-determination to embolden you to use them. We use this approach to foster healing, especially after experiencing trauma.  We can use this method to help you regain control of your life and find your purpose.

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