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  • Printables

    Here are some free resources that can be used to promote wellness and improve mental health in our community.

    Together we can make a difference.

    Fair Fighting Rules

    Guidelines to use for more productive and respectful conflict. Adapted from The Gottman Institute. 

    Wheel of Emotions

    Emotions are complex, identifying doesn't have to be with this visual aid. 

    Self Care Wheel

    A great tool that helps you better understand what you can do to make your life more balanced. 

    5 Senses Grounding

    Grounding Exercise for Anxiety using your senses

    Teen Anxiety Brochure

    This brochure is created to help teens understand and cope with anxiety. 

    Autism Brochure

    Access a brochure to offer information about Autism Spectrum Disorder and how to get a diagnosis.